Fraud alert

**Fraud Alert** North Yorkshire Police would like to make people aware of the following phone scam reported today: A member of the public, from the Northallerton area, has received a call on his mobile from his wife’s mobile number, on answering the call a male with a foreign sounding accent has introduced himself as a Doctor from the Friarage Hospital stating that his wife had been in a car accident and required emergency surgery. However the procedure she required was not covered under NHS budgets and requested bank details to release the required funds of £300. The reportee has replied by stating he would make his way to the hospital immediately and so the caller has hung up. He has then called his wife’s number back, who answered fit and well. The incident has been referred to Action Fraud and NYPs Economic Crime Unit for further investigation, as the perpetrators appear to be using sophisticated methods to link two mobile numbers together, in order to achieve the necessary impact, to fulfil their scam. This incident has been distressing for the parties involved, but luckily no bank details were given out. Please make friends and relatives aware of this incident, especially the more vulnerable. If you do receive such a call, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.


Annual Parish Meeting

The annual parish meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 17th April in the Village Hall.

Representatives of Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the Police will be invited to attend. If you have any questions you would like to put to them, please send them to by Friday 6th April.

The Annual Parish meeting will be followed by the Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm.

Dubious selling at the door.

We have received numerous reports about individuals claiming to be representatives from an energy company offering cavity-wall insulation. These individuals are targeting elderly and vulnerable residents and appear to have morally-questionable selling tactics and at this time cannot be confirmed as legitimate. Please be vigilant and do not allow people access in to your property or hand over any money without checking their I.D and confirming their legitimacy with the company they claim to work for. Please also keep an eye on any elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

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Information regarding bin collections.

Due to the snow we were unable to make any waste bin collections during the week Feb 26-March 2.
To catch up collections will begin again on Monday March 5 and we will be prioritising domestic waste (green bins).
All green bin collections missed in the week Feb 26-Mar 2 are to be put out for collection on Monday March 5 and we will get there as soon as possible.
We will collect any extra bagged waste.
If a green bin is due for collection next week (March 5-9) it is to be put out on the normal collection day.
Once your green bin has been emptied, please then put out your recycling (blue bin) and we will attempt to collect these as soon as possible.
Garden waste collections (brown bin) will be suspended next week (March 5-9)

We thank all our residents for their co-operation and their patience during this prolonged period of bad weather.